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hey, no complaints here i'm all about the gaga lol. NIIIIICE xD
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my beautiful fantastic wonderful awesome seamstress tagged me in a FB pic with her progress!! x]
check it out:
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so i was thinking that this would be a pretty fun project!
who would y'all personally choose to portray your favorite disney characters?
especially for the princess and the frog..?

i'm thinking lucy lui would make a great pocahontas

does anyone else think that Gary Dourdan would make a spicy doctor facilier??

personally, i think he's got the most gorgeous eyes i have ever seen...
ANYWAYS! lol so yep, what are your guys' thoughts on this? i would be delighted to know! ;)

<3 much, LMM
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my blueeee tiana dress is just about done! i'm just waiting on the jewelery & contact lenses to arrive. i'm trying out some supposedly more realistic looking hazel lenses. they're waicon trikolor in honey/hazel. ^^
also need to get the sash on the blue dress done..then it's complete! i'm hoping to have that photoshoot by next thursday, then who knows how long it'll take for the photog to get me the pics.
i'm digging this location though:………

i'm really really excited! i hope to be posting pics as soon as i can and i hope y'all likes em! <333

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is it legal to ask for skit ideas?? lol
i know i have quite a few fellow disney devotees who might have some ideas. i am so bad with imagination and creativity sometimes. x-x; i am totally coming up dry. the only thing i can think of is each character having a theme song spoof kinda like in the shrek movies. hehe. ^^;
this skit would be for anime expo 2010 coming up in july. any help on skit ideas involving disney characters from anyone would be much appreciated in helping along with the thought process and coordinating a routine. thanks y'all! ^^

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does anyone think i look like leona lewis? O.o;

and i just wanted to throw in that i loveeeeeeeeeeee mexican wedding cookies lately! and tres leches cake! and i am going to start finding someone who can make me the tiana cosplay after all. i rly just wanted to post a new journal entry to flush out that old miserable one. lookin at it makes me feel pretty morbid...:/

anyways, so this has been a pretty random post..heehee..
so have a nice day everyone. kisses! ^__~

<3, MzMint
alot of crap went down...that seamstress is an absolute WITCH. i wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy. so although the dress is done, she now refuses to send it to me, and issued me a refund, even though i told her i still want the dress (even though it's LATE and i won't be able to wear it to ALA.) does she make any sense at all? this is what went it from bottom to top. i am marcellabella. :/

by debwritesitall:
I know what you told me but I don't think even that would make you happy. I issued a refund and I cancelled the sale through Etsy because I don't think there is anything I can do to make you happy at this point. I still can't guarantee that I can get out this morning. There are still road advisories in my area this morning and it's not even 6 am yet.

Besides that, even if you get the outfit I don't think you will be happy now and I can't stop my life to please you.

Your remarks about my daughter's dress and that you think I played a game with you about this project were wrong, and if you are going to act like this before you ever get the dress then I can only imagine that you will find any reason you can to complain about it once it arrives.

As I said, I wrote to Etsy about the matter, told them I wished to cancel the sale because I was unable to fill your request on time due to personal emergencies, the misprinted label (which was not my fault) and the snow storm (also not my fault) and I let them know I sent you a full refund because I feel there is nothing I can do to satisfy you and cannot spend the rest of my life trying to do so.

I'm sorry you don't like my decision. I was prepared to resend the dress but your comments were uncalled for and with that attitude I am sure that getting the dress wouldn't change it.

I'm sorry, but that is my decision.
8 January 2010 6:50am EDT

by marcellabella:
i have told you that i still want the dress. i am unsure of why you have refunded me...
i would appreciate you mailing the dress to me first thing tomorrow morning, as you stated earlier today. i will be glad to pay you in full through paypal once i receive the costume safe and sound. thanks.

by debwritesitall:
I've sent you a refund. There's nothing else I can do.

It was not a game to me. I tried... I'm sorry I had some personal emergencies. I'm sorry the label misprinted. I'm sorry it snowed and I didn't risk my life to mail it to you today.

There's nothing I can do at this point to make you happy so I've sent your money back so you can use it for something else.

by marcellabella:
okay, this is absolutely ridiculous. i am so angry right now..
i really wish you would have had everything completed and shipped by before christmas like you had originally said. i have been more than understanding up until now, but at this point my frustration is hard to hide. i feel like this is just a was a time-sensitive project, just as your daughter's wedding dress was. i mean what if her wedding dress hadn't been completed in time for the wedding? i'm sure you wouldn't allow that to happen.
i am sorry you had so many personal issues along the last few months, but the truth is you had since october to have this done by january, and the fact that what i asked you for is not here with me by the time i requested it is absolutely ridiculous. i hate to be so mean..this is not who i am...but i am so so sad right now...
hey hey! to anyone who cares, just a brief update on the progress of the tiana costume i am getting made. i am really excited about it, and i am trying to pull the costume together as nicely as possible. :]
my seamstress lady emailed me yesterday about the work she has been doing so far.

"Today I am planning on finishing the final details. Then tomorrow my daughter can come and take photos and by Thursday I should have pictures ready to mail and the dress and tiara ready to go! I thought I'd get it in the mail to you at the end of last week but I had a small set back... I added a section to the skirt to make it even fuller.

The six hoop slip should work now. :D

The cream skirt is constructed of three panels, each one two yards wide from side to side, and each section having three petals. That gives you close to 216" around the bottom (taking a little off for seam allowances to join the panels together)... the yellow ruffled underskirt is fuller, still, and I used the tulle left from my daughter's wedding to add a bit of volume underneath. :)"

i had my jewelery custom-made by a jeweler from etsy too. it is shipped already! here are the finished pics she sent me:

i ordered a makeup palette from coastal scents and received it in the mail today. it is lovely. :] it's the 78 palette with lots of eyeshadow and a few blushes. you can get your own at
they are really tiny microscopic little shadows, but good quality.
i tried it out today haha. ^^

the contact lenses look okay in the dark, but in a flash photo-helloooo edward cullen. >_<;

still have to buy gloves and a petticoat, but that's about it. i'm still very worried the seamstress might not pull through and have the costume to me by next week...but i am hopeful..we'll see ^__^;
the costume is almost completed! i commissioned a seamstress from missouri to create my princess tiana gown. i have been in touch with her over the course of the past 2 months, and it's almost done! she has been sending me a couple progress photos, swatches and sketches since then. it's looking good! here's a peek at the beaded tiara. it still needs to be attached to the headband, but then again, this is kind of an outdated pic. :]

this is the very first photo she sent me when she had initially purchased all of the fabric and trim for the gown.

and this is one of the last photos she sent me about 2 weeks ago.
it's just a photo of the fabric all draped onto the form and pinned.
nothing really sewn yet..and i will be purchasing my own petticoat, gloves and jewelery.

Only about 2 weeks left to go until ALA '10 when i get to wear this to the Disney gathering. i am so stoked!!

***And i bought Freshlook Colorblends Contact lenses in Honey for this cosplay. i hope they don't look like cheeto-eyes! that's what i've heard, and now i'm a bit nervous about having scary ^__^;

btw i LOVED the princess and the frog movie. if you have seen it, wasn't it brilliant? and if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?? x3

so i went down to my great aunt's house wednesday morning to take her the damaged goods. my grandma took me, and my little nephew tagged along cuz he took a sick day from school. now, my great aunt has been a seamstress for some 45+ years, so of course she knows her sewing, and she knows great craftsmanship quality. she has made countless dance and wedding dresses, costumes and pageant gowns in that time. i stress, she knows her stuff. so i presented 'esmeralda' to her. not quite esmeralda..something like her broke down sistah to' up from the flo' up if you know what i mean. ;) lol the first words she produced were "oh my". and not in a good surprise kind of way either, unfortunately. she said "this looks nothing like a gypsy. and you paid for this? how much did this cost you?" i was pretty embarrassed. she told me that a halloween costume out of a bag from the costume store looked better than this. isn't that pathetic? turns out she had a gypsy costume pattern in her possession already, and asked if i would like her to remake the entire thing for me, so without a moment's hesitation i accepted the offer. this is the woman who made me my jasmine costume by the way, ladies and gents. ^_^ she pulled out the hunchback of notre dame vhs from my cousins' video collection, dusted it off and popped it into the vcr. we watched the entire movie, and she would watch esmeralda, observing the make of her outfit. all of the technical aspects. the details. the little things that make such a difference, which i absolutely did appreciate. things like "it looks like there's boning in the corset" and "oh, there is a collar on her blouse, that's different". things like that. after the movie, we sat at her house and looked at pics of my cousin's beauty pageants and baton twirling adventures, and said our goodbyes, as she reassured me that esmeralda was in capable hands, and that she would be buying the fabric at the first possible chance, despite her innumerable other projects she had yet to complete. she is a remarkably busy little seamstress. i felt pretty bad for coming and crying to her and sticking her with yet another project. ^^;

*long story short, i will hopefully be returning the broke down esmeralda costume i paid for and recieved from china for a full refund, and be getting one expertly made by my very talented aunt.

**LONG STORY SHORT (haha ^^) unfortunately, no pics in esmeralda for me tomorrow.

BUT FOR SURE, katara pics with the jasmine photog in the same location coming this Tuesday, fortunately. ^__^
on saturday. :) just to update on the progress of the esmeralda cosplay..she is nearly done! like..99%! :3 i got it commissioned from ebay for $98 by the same person who commissioned my katara. pretty good price, considering i requested quotes from a few other people and recieved an average price quote of $250. >.< i know you get what you pay for..but i couldn't imagine spending so much on one costume that i'm gunna wear once or twice! ^_^; so i got my esmeralda costume in the mail and quickly inspected it and tried it on for fit. it is decent. i don't really like the way the entire thing is sewn together like a one piece dress. i mean, it is supposed to be a blouse, a corset, a skirt, and a sash, right? well guess what, it is all sewn together....x_x; and the 'corset' is lime green! and the biggest upset to me-the blouse isn't even off-shoulder and the top of the 'corset' is above my chest! the corset is supposed to be looks totally off. i'm visiting my great aunt this week in hopes that she can do a quick fix for me. i payed for my commissioned wig today also, which will hopefully arrive before this saturday, because that's when i'm taking pics in the costume. if it doesn't, i will have to do something with my own hair. xD still to do, i have to make esmeralda's bracelets, anklet and earring, and possibly buy some darker foundation to tan myself a bit further. ^_^; so what doya think? ;)

p.s. happy birthday sasha vujacic! he is 25 today. if you are unfamiliar with him, he is #18 on the lakers. just look for the cutest guy on the team and you'll have spotted him. ;) hehe
today i got to go to audition for disneyland in tokyo to play the role of a face character. What is a face character? it's a lively and vibrantly spirted girl or boy who's job it is to bring the magic of disney alive by resembling a classic disney character in both looks and persona. personally, i always admire seeing these people dressed up when i go to disneyland because they make the experience of visiting disneyland so exciting and special. it basically makes me feel like a little kid again! x)
i had never really thought about having a job like this before, but a few months ago i began looking into it on disney's corporate website, looking for upcoming auditions, and this one was the first of 09 casting face characters for a disney park! plus, getting to live in tokyo would be a total bonus. ^_^

i got there at about 8:45 to sign in. there were tons of people! as it would turn out, around 200. By looking around the room upon arrival I quickly realized that i was also the only non-white girl. Actually there was ONE other girl who looked alot like Pocahontas..^^' SO many guys showed up to audition too. i didn't really know so many guys were excited and wanting to work as disney princes or peter pan..>.> most of the guys were over 6'0". i felt so tiny. xD i purposely wore flats so i could be as little as possible. princesses apparently are as tall as 5'8" and that's all. i barely made it!
there were a few aladdin-looking guys. super cute. :3 this guy that just wouldn't stop smiling. he was super tall with longish hair who looked alot like belle's prince. looking around, everyone was wearing casual clothes, which was a major relief cuz i had no idea how to dress. i ended up sporting a striped navy shirt, black workout shorts and pink flats. alot of girls were ready to go in their jazz and character shoes for the dance. i was like...X_X fk i so don't want to dance.

Unfortunately the dance was the first part. They took the first 78 people first into the room, and made 79-190 wait outside. waited about 15 minutes. then they let my group (the second group) enter the room and i was like okay what's about to happen...>.<

the dance instructor for disneyland CA AND from disneyland tokyo taught us a dance routine in 2 minutes...meaning we had to learn this thing in only 2 minutes. and i don't pick up things i was like ohhh sht...>_> i am screwed.
we practiced with the instructors a couple of times, then the said girls on the right of the room, and boys on the left. They said if you are a guy and you are 5'9", dance in character as peter pan. If you are a guy who's 5'10" or above, dance like a prince. They told us girls if you are 4'11" to 5'4" dance in character like wendy or alice, and if you are a girl 5'5" to 5'8" dance like a princess. So i was like alright, i got jasmine for sure. ^_~

THEN, they said okay, we're calling four numbers at a time to dance. so they called numbers 76-80, and those people danced in front of all of us and a table of judges to the cute little disney parade song we learned. then numbers 81-84. and so on. so i practiced while i waited. BTW i was number 124. So yeah i had awhile to watch other people and practice. but i had the most negative mindset. i was like "i'm going to go blank once i'm up there. i'm gunna screw up. i can't dance. there's no way." So finally i get up there. and what happens? the music begins and i fkn go blank!! i'm there smiling and waving and curstying while i try to dance, but i don't remember the dance!! so i just smile the whole time hoping they notice i can look like i'm having fun, even though i'm kicking myself on the inside. so that was that. i smiled watching other people go, and clapped cheering them on.

Once everyone was done, the disneyland representative announced "Alright everyone, thank you for coming! We hope you had fun. We are going to call a few numbers and we will just ask you to stay behind because you've made the first cut. These decisions were based on height, weight, and the way that the character was brought out. (etc.) Then the numbers were selected.

At that moment i told myself there's no way i got it. i didn't even do the dance right. i just smiled like some cheesy clown the whole time hoping that'd suffice. I knew i wouldn't get called. i am such a quitter. :/ so they didn't call my number. i was about to get my things and charge for the door, then they called a few more numbers, telling those people to stick around.

THEY CALLED MY NUMBER!!! so i was like    OMG OMG OMG  THEY LIKE ME, THEY REALLY LIKE ME!! XD there were about 5 of us called over to talk to the rep of Disneyland CA. 1 guy and 4 of us girls. we walked over and she told us "So guys, it looks like it didn't work out for Disneyland Tokyo, but we are considering you for a face character here at Disneyland in Anaheim. Would you guys be interested in auditioning for this disneyland?" i was SO excited!! so she took us into a seperate room, and handed us each applications. She took pictures of each of us, front view and profile. She said there aren't too many spots available right now, and they don't hire too often, but she'd keep us on file and would be calling as soon as March for exclusive auditions. and that just made my day. just being picked out of a bunch makes me feel super special. maybe they are considering me for Tiana already?? i'm sure they must be casting for that already.. :)

So long story short, if you didn't want to read the rest: Disneyland Tokyo didn't want me, but Disneyland CA does! yay. ^__^
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hey everyone! i had a photoshoot today in my princess jasmine costume finally!! so i added a few pics just so you can see. ^^ did i mention that i got my esmeralda commissioned a few weeks ago?? it should be arriving by the end of this month, i expect. ^^ can't wait to get pics in that once it comes!! also getting contacts in the mail for my katara that i hope to do a shoot in too. ^^ i can't wait for AX!! it seems so far away though!! i know it's going to be a great time though. ^_^

also, those auditions for disneyland are in a couple of weeks!! i am REALLY REALLY hoping i can get a role as jasmine, esmeralda or pocahontas..cmon, even a fur character!!! okay, so i might be a bit tall for minnie mouse...>_> how about Tigger?? ^_^;;;;...eheheh...
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by the way, i've been VERY excited and nervous about the auditions coming over here in LA to become a disney performer at Disneyland Tokyo. I've been doing aaaaaaalot of research lately to best prepare myself hoping maybe to be hired to portray esmeralda or jasmine..maybe even pocahontas. AND THEN: bum bum buuuuum *doom*
i come to find that disneyland has discontinued the character esmeralda at it's parks due to an esmeralda character performer being a BIT too flirtatious with men and too many of those men getting excited by her. >_>; WTF.
OH and FURTHERMORE no more tarzan because too many ape-crazy female visitors were pinching him on the butt!! i mean..with his sprayed on abs and wearing nothing but a buttflap..ya think..? lol but anyways!-.....U_U; oy.
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i was so excited today to recieve my katara cosplay in the mail!! :D you know how exciting it is to wait for a package to come, right? the anticipation, the not knowing what exactly to expect. :3 it's all too good. i commissioned the katara costume from Human_Go of eBay and it looks most lovely. The necklace will be remade by me (if you could only see it, you would perfectly understand why. :3)Fits like a glove too! the foil arm guards are a bit funky though, but i think i can rock 'em! here's a link to the finished costume they took for their ebay store.



i have yet to take any pics in the cosplay. my mum hid the camera from me! Q_Q </3

& i am currently shopping ALL over town for someone to commission an Esmeralda costume fer me fer Anime Expo. :D i am about to buy a Djali plushie as we speak! ^v^ yayyy cute!
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i'm going to start updating my progress of the costume on here. I think i'll just refer to it as tP&tF. :3
Today i went to Downtown L and bought some really pretty reeeally pale blue silvery iridescent fabric for the main part of Tiana's dress. Also bought some large sequins and swarovski crystals to sew to add glittering aspects to the dress. I'm not so sure when the actual commencement of the sewing of the dress will begin (after all, i don't need this costume finished until JULY for AX). I was just so excited about this costume that i had to go out and get the materials NOW. lol. :D I had also commissioned a Katara costume from eBay just a week ago too, so that should be coming in late this month. Pictures will follow shortly after. ;)
I had work today too. Yeah, I work at JCPenney's right now, but i'm really wanting to apply for a job at Disneyland, mostly as a face character (Jasmine..maybe even Esmeralda). The only problem in my way is the fact that i live nearly an hour away. Is there some kind of shuttle or metro that goes to another county? don't think so. :/ we shall see! and that's my story! and that's all she wrote. :3
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So like i said, i'm going to learn how to sew really well soon, and it kinda helps that i've got my mum and gram around to help me out with it. I'm going to buy a pattern and pretty shiny fabric tomorrow in Downtown to make a Princess Tiana dress. :D
I'm so excited about it! If it turns out really pretty, then i'll wear that to Anime Expo instead of Jasmine. I hope it goes well, cuz i found a few sewing patterns laying around my house, and by curiosity opened one up and to my horror-OMG they are like written in another language most foreign to me. I hope it's not as hard as it seems. I made a simple dress for my senior project in high school, but it was certainly no ball gown. I think i'll just have to stick to a "Simplicity" pattern, because i've heard that those are pretty much made for beginners. I've barely begun to think about what i'm going to do about Tiana's tiara. Wire maybe? we shall see. Any advice from experienced seamstresses and friends much appreciated! ;)
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Hi everyone! I'm new here. not sure how Devi works, but yeah!! Just wanted to say that i'm here, and sorry that i haven't got much to see yet, but i'm going to get some artwork up here pretty soon! ;) If you're reading this, then thanks for stopping by! How about being my buddy? That'd be nice. ^__~
Anyways, just a little about myself. My name's Marissa, i'm 19. My hobbies are drawing and photography. I'm trying to learn to sew right now so i can make my own cosplays. On i am known as Rad_Apple, so feel free to check out a few (and i mean a few, there's not many) of my cosplays. I am very much into fashion and makeup and am an aspiring model. I am 5'9", very friendly and outgoing and i love to meet new people. I just got my first job recently as a seasonal worker at JcPenney's. I LOVE THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS AND I WANT TO MARRY MY MAN SASHA VUJACIC. My favorite animals are cats and my favorite colors are pink and yellow. I believe that Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth. It's my favorite place to visit. I'm like a little kid with disney movies and i love Aladdin and the lion king. i can't wait til the princess and the frog comes out!! x3 i didn't think i'd ever write this much about myself, but hey! i've got the great beginnings of   a biography here. so that's me! Hopefully i'll get to learn a little bit about you too! ^___^